Thursday, February 03, 2005

The perspective of an excused MJ juror

From the Santa Maria (California) Times, Answering the Call of (Jury) Duty, an interesting piece by one of the many prospective jurors granted a hardship excuse -- who also happens to be an associate editor at the paper. The Santa Maria Times looks like a great local resource of information about the MJ trial.


Blogger jeremy said...

Here's a post idea: Slate and various places are suggesting that MJ is going with, intentionally or because he can't help it, the I'm-such-a-freak-I-can't-even-pull-it-together-to-try-to-look-remotely-normal-in-the-courtroom-but-this-doesn't-mean-I-molest-children defense. It's not what I would do, but there are several thousand other vectors of difference between MJ and I as well. Anyway, if this is the strategy, what do you think would be the ideal strategy for the defense for jury selection?

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